Noville Module standard maps image gallery:

2015-12-15 19.39.35
2015-12-15 21.56.36
Straight shots down the road then assault move!
2015-12-15 21.52.57
US forces are outclassed!
2015-12-15 21.56.25
After 5 turns this sucker WAS OVER!

Desobry in action:2015-12-15 19.47.45

Opening turns of We Happy Few

After a couple of false starts (I forgot to limit 2nd moves in Longbow approach lanes), and also muffed the accounting of those lanes) we got into a proper game.

In turn 1 The Purple and Gold wings moved forward, and the English just double fired (earning a +1 on the die roll to hit) and knocked a few units into disrupted mode.

In Turn 2 Purple Wing and the Dark Purple wing move and more English Archers attempt to take out the French.

The French rally units (removing disruptions upto 1d6 worth, and move the Silver wing forward also. French casualties accrue from Archer fire and weakened Longbow avenue units being hit.

In Turn 4 the Purple forward moves and combats. The Dark Purple rally and move. The Cav charge is a disaster causing a -4CC on a 2 dire roll, inflicting a AR. 16 VPs accrued for the English so far!

In Turn 5 Yellow/Gold move and Silver Fire at the Archers.

The French strategy of smothering the Archers so others can move up is not working, as the English simply focus their fire on units adjacent to the enemy blocking the Longbow lanes! In some sense this is a bit nonsensical as the bowmen would fire at the ‘closest unit’s not just the best the side. But I think there is a proper cadence of approach that you need to strike to make the French attack work.

Plus it looks like the sides of some of the hexes don’t offer pole coverage for the Archers. The Longbow men maybe should not be rated as B’s.. perhaps C’s. The letter rating defines what the DRM and or column shift might be. It reflects combat skill, leadership, morale etc.

Hannibal and the Alps

Have you ever wondered where Hannibal crossed the alps?

Old History books are full myths and fallacies.

Sometimes its cool to just grab some reference materials and…well since I cant walk the path myself, I can do the next best thing! Google Maps. Lets take a walk thru the Alps.

Several of the most likely routes of Hannibals journey
Lets take a look at this grade and imagine it in winter…with cape and sandals.
2015-12-06_14-01-25 bummer.

What an amazing feat. There are few games that portray this journey, less so that really cover off on the Punic War at  Strategic/Operational level with some sort of detail.

GMT Games offers some hope for us with their Richard Berg title named Thunderbolt.

Current crop of wargame magazines

Note I do not deal with awesome older OOP magazines such as Fire and Movement, Victory Games 7-8 issues or the venerable General. Happy to cover those also at some point.