Lock n Load Tactical – New Rule Book 1930-1959

This just arrived compliments of LNLP. The new rules book is similar to HoP. In that it is well indexed, full color and well documented for the noobie and experienced alike.
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Quick to judge?

Just a few thoughts here as I compare some older designs and more recent designs and my impressions. While it is true for me that I believe I understand or spot quickly when a game is ‘bad’ for me or poorly thought out or plain does not work. There are times when we really should give some patience and more thought to the designs presented to us:

NATO Division Commander -Scn play in London part 2


For the next scenario we played we tried the Soviets on defense. This would be no cake walk. After the last match I had some scores to settle!

You can read part one here

2015-11-09 18.56.05

The Third Division ready to race to the rear of the Soviets. Massive Air and Arty support is allocated!

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Vento Nuovo Crazy Black Friday Sale

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Cataclysm: A Second World War Part One

Here is an exclusive look at Cataclysm  from the Big Board with detail explanations and play notes from Scott and William the designers. This is Part One of Two.

The P500 page also has four example videos with game play! The designers expect to post the full rule-book as it stands in the next few weeks so we can get a handle on how she plays first hand. Cataclysm has 111 orders to go to break the 500 barrier and is gaining attention in various circles. From the videos and this report it is an interesting mid weight title that takes a fresh look at the complexities of the European conflict and attempts to distill them down to their essence.

The guys have been kind enough to write this session play for us so lets see what the fuss is all about!

Example of Play: Crisis in the West scenario

Scott will play the Fascists, controlling Germany and Italy. Bill will play the Democracies, controlling France and the United Kingdom. The scenario takes place in Europe only, so Japan is not in the game. To limit the scope of this introductory scenario, the United States and Soviet Union are similarly out of play.

The scenario begins in 1937 with all four powers having already begun rearmament. Germany has reoccupied the Rhineland, and a civil war has broken out in Spain.

Let’s begin.


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