End turn 1 Battle for Stalingrad

2015-07-26 10.15.06


I imagine that the commanders for both stunned at the course of events. While the Soviets took a pounding they did inflict some heavy losses. 2 Tank companies, 4 Engineering platoons, and 8 Battalions of Infantry. You can see what the cost in terms of men on the right side of the image.

The territory lost is another interesting element. Surprisingly deep gains in center combined with strong moves along the shoreline seem to bode well for the Germans. While to the left of the image a huge pocket has been formed and the Germans maybe able to wipe all of those forces out.

The problem for the Germans is they will likely see a fair few Divisions become combat ineffective by end of turn 3.

Brutal game to solo.

TBL-PBEM Turn 2!

Turn 2

Allied Initiative…

So the allies moved, few attacks, lots of air to little effect and arty except in Liege area where arty DG’d 4th Pzr. That sucked. But that was a cheap lesson. I’d forgotten about the power of Arty and leaving honking big stacks invites trouble. Lesson Learned. Bill did not take much of the bait. At the end of this turn I leave some unintended bait for him…oh boy please pray he missed what I did. Basically I left my best HQ and a bridge uncovered. The bridge supplies trace to 5 divisions. I don’t know that he can get to it, but I would darn sure try if I were he. It would soak up time and effort to fix that mess….sheesh.

First losses so far as of Turn 1:


In the Axis turn 2, we had some ground to make up but first we had to adjust our plan to cross at the Sedan. It was reinforced, GD was surrounded, and while we could force our way into success we needed a faster route across the Meuse. Our current plan was intended to be something like this in the Ardenne and that is to cross at the Sedan and look for a place near Couvin as well.

The problem was that getting supply where it is needed is a challenge; Sedan is a few miles too far. That and having to drop fresh supplies back near the map edge meant another turn of shuffling SP.

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