Advance After Combat Podcast

AAC Podcast my quick comments on reviews. Its been awhile since we covered an AAC podcast!

Jason & Dave interviews my buddy Tyler Roush from Game On! Con.

Dave spend a bit of time working thru Tylers sexual history. Then discovers Tylers unusual background and how he got to real wargaming – Twilight Struggle, Paths of Glory etc.

A real barn burner title!
A real barn burner title!

What does Tyler get out of wargaming? Listen and know!

A quick discussion regarding the BCS Battalion Combat Series from Multi Man’s new PXXX and how supply might be modeled. Which I think is going to be superb, but also shine a light on some of the fiddly aspects modeled in OCS.

It would be interesting to see a review of Supply and all of its affects with this new level of thinking applied to BCS.
We go thru the quiz exercise. Tyler does well.
CSW Expo discussion. Such a pity I cant go and meet all these awesome guildies.

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Detecting Betrayal!

A very interesting look inside the mind of the traitor/betrayer!

Gets me in the mood to play some Diplomacy online!

From the article:

Some years ago, a reporter who shall remain nameless cheated in the game Diplomacy. It was the only time he ever played, and his crime—well, he was a spy. Once revealed, his treason spawned feelings of betrayal among his peers, but whatever. To this day he feels no guilt.

And besides, those jokers should have seen it coming, according to a new study to be presented later this month at the 2015 meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics in Beijing. That’s because in between espionage missions, he was being awfully nice to the other players—a sign, the authors of the new study conclude, that he was about to stab them in the back.

Read the full article here


Now you read the whole thing..

You know you want to play!

“Luck plays no part in Diplomacy. Cunning and cleverness, honesty and perfectly-timed betrayal are the tools needed to outwit your fellow players. The most skillful negotiator will climb to victory over the backs of both enemies and friends.

Who do you trust?”

I’ll be online waiting for you.


BCS shines a light on OCS

The Operational Combat System (OCS) is a holy grail system for many. In players circles, critics are shunned, negative judgement  about OCS are burned at the stake or better yet dismissed as fools who don’t understand what they have.



You would be a fool to offer any sort of radical changes to the iconic system.

With this in mind I present just such a thing! :).

Actually this blog presents to you no rule changes, but more of a call for a discussion about supply in the light of Dean Essig’s revelations in the BCS designer notes. Which frankly excited me more for OCS than BCS. I was imagining the possibility of not having to shuttle donkeys and wagons and trucks full of 1 Token counters across the Steppes of Russia or round the mountains of Sicily! The giddy thought of being freed of the shackles of accountancy (I took a faculty pass in College to get me thru it then…OCS is now my penance).


BCS which I think is going to be superb, based on what we have seen and read so far, does a curious thing to me. It shines a 10 GW spotlight light on the inherent flaws in the way supply is modeled in OCS. ..WHOA…..Sorry...Maybe flaw is too strong a word. It shines a light on the way  Supply is modeled in the game system that makes me wonder if it ain’t time to revisit that bad boy! Lets continue to look at what Essig has to say about logistics:

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Battle for Stalingrad

2015-06-11 22.07.20


With the rule book from SoS daunting me in its tawdry detail I am reverting to my unpunched copy of Battle for Stalingrad. Rules are scanned and printed.  Map edits stuck to the plexi.

I will say that at least these rules appear to be more approachable. On with setup and lets get going.

We will return to SoS soon enough.