Announcing the First Annual Big Board Game Con!


Join me and several hundred of the most fun, and personable wargamers out there! December 18-24th 2015. Help me celebrate with you the anniversary of starting the Big Board all those posts ago.


The Big Board has been an icon in board wargame blogging..oh… for oh… moments.

We(collectively yes we) want to take advantage of that and give something back to the community.

So we have arranged for a vacation con. Pack your bags, call your mistress and load those packing cases with your monster games!

One full week at the lovely Pattaya Resort.

The first 10 Reservations pay just $500 for the full week including all meals and accommodations!

Plus airfare, air conditioning, sheets, towels and pillows.



All rooms are junior suites.

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Turn One 2nd Solo Play – NATO segments.

But what you say where is all the other preamble and stuff?
Well we will get to that. But I’m excited so lets see what the Soviets achieved and how the NATO team reacted in our reboot of The Third World War battle for Germany.

The 2nd round of combat for the Pact forces lead the Soviets to make some substantial gains as seen in these two images:

2015-03-29 17.07.29

Forces are pocket in Denmark, Bremen is surrounded, Hannover has fallen and units in the Fulda Gap are isolated. Not grognard level play but much better than our first showing. Especially given the higher loss rate of air and low die rolls for combat.

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Phantom Fury Tactics, Air Strikes

Never knocked out a city block?

Here is your chance.


Reset under way. Third World War


We have reset and the forward movement phase is over.
Got two quick turns of flat top in tonite also. Sweet.

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Vikings… SAGA….tomorrow

Big Austin based Tourney tomorrow! 12 aging, lardy, sweaty men pretend to be this:viking

All while rolling buckets of dice, scanning charts looking for the sweetest combo of attack and defense.

Dont be a puss. Go shirtless tomorrow!


LNL, The Bear and the Jackal “Nightmare”

2015-03-17 18.31.12

If you play poorly enough this scenario can be over really quickly!

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