HEAD ON 0830-0917

WWIII continues.
Soviets play clever and start sending SPIGOT anti tank units to scout me out.

Feels like the North is either a ruse or awaiting the results of a Southern push to drawn down defenses. The thing here is to keep scenario duration in mind. This thing is 6 hours long. So we are just 2 -3 hours in. Can the Soviets hold the ‘2nd wave’ and still make all the targets? I need some arty…I need men. That big Inf battalion in BMPs at the bottom scares me. Problem is there are at least 3-4 more of those I think… somewhere.

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Raid and Riposte [Line of Fire Magazine #12],

If anything Balakirev thought, the West Germans were punctual. The rumble of M48’s could be heard in the distance. “Right on time as you said Colonel “ Rasped Dmitri to Balarkirev.

RnR FirstFrame

“Let us hope I am right about the rest of the battle old friend” he said.

Michael Balakirev knew Dmitri like a brother. When he had been tasked with preparing for the invasion of Germany and this raid he knew he wanted this man by his side. He ran a tight operation. Their history was one like any small group of survivors of near death situations. Nothing more need be said.

He had surmised that despite the surprisingly effective attack his men had executed that the NATO forces would respond with vigour. This bridge, one of several that mattered would allow deep penetration to the Rhine. The West Germans were not going to let this little town and this dual lane bridge stay in his hands for long.

Fortunately he had trained, and fought all his life for just these scenarios.  He knew his enemy. He knew his weapons and he would win. While some of this was true, Balakirev would never see Mother Russia again.

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Head On 0800

Head On +2hours.
Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm.

Losses rack up quickly for both sides. the stream of HINDS never seems to end. They hunt down my TOW units and Vulcans. We knock several out and bloody the advance guard T-80’s. Is this the main thrust? If so where is the Infantry?

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Rate of Play of New games

rate of new plays

“This graph shows, across the last few years, how fast you learn new games. The black lines (dots) are the number of new games learned in that year, and the blue line (triangles) is the number of new games learned since the beginning of the graph. The scale for the black lines is on the left hand axis, the scale for the blue line is on the right hand axis. ”

So I am learning new games at a decreasing rate but still moving along I suppose. 26 new games in 2014 versus 35 in 2013 and nearly 40 in 2012.  Interesting.