The ever changing..evolving{?} philosophy of game collection.

As I sit once again and look at games that:

a. have not been played

2014-11-30 10.13.36
SCS played all of these, or in the process of playing. I have not really played Ardenne, Afrika 2, Gazala however (I have those unboxed).

b. have been played and enjoyed

c. played and derided

2014-11-30 10.12.17
Owning these for some reason….WotR is for memories.

d. played and left unsure about

e. bought for a reason long forgotten…

I am once again in two minds about keeping versus collecting. Playing and discarding vs playing and treasuring.

2014-11-30 10.12.02
TCS ’cause one day….. FF for trade bait and cool maps, Airland Battle…WTF? Won by Sword and EiA…right.

Where do we draw the line on keeping a title you wont play again, but love it due to the fact it is a ‘classic’. Does a digital copy suffice? – If you really love it you can print the parts and play again or play on VASSAL?

If I sell CityFight because I wont play it solo, should I also sell EiA? ┬áThe question boils down to preferences today for games versus what I might like at a later date. As of today I lean towards bigger monster games, that are more involved. Tactical games across eras. But with titles in the Napoleonic era, how often will I replay The Gamers Austerlitz? Likely never. Will I invest the effort to really try to understand A Most Dangerous Time? Is Where there is discord destined to be like every other solo game purchased – sold off?

2014-11-30 10.11.46
Lots of played and want to play games here, where to draw the line. Should there be a line?

Or am I in a funk and should just chill out and not make a rash decision? First world wargamer problems. Perhaps it is time to just buy some storage boxes for the excess.

Red Storm: Flashpoint Campaigns

Training scenario. Non standard setup/

This time we have a little audio and some notes to follow along with.

Compressed from 31 minutes to 19 minutes.

I wont have much time to play more until around Xmas.

The Mighty Endeavour II

The guys wrapped up Turn 18. Big Soviet Win, Allies were still two turns from the Rhine, with mos tof the decent German units knocked out.

Ancient Rome

ancient rome

Mussolini commissioned this model of Rome as it appeared in the time of Constantine. It’s 1:240 scale.

In Rome at the Museum of Roman Civilization, which is currently under restoration. Virtual tours available!

Aug ’40-March ’41 T9-14 The Supreme Commander

The Axis, try to move Bulgaria to the Diplomatic fold and fail to do so, they do build 3 Corps.

The Allies follow up with the Diplomatic mission being a huge success in Yugoslavia and their army enters the war. More Italian, French, British and Soviets forces are created.

No tech spending.

Attacks are costly but effective and the Armour from the UK conducts follow ups attacks.

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Red Storm – Tutorial Scenario

In this very first play we follow the instructions to setup. Then see what transpires from here.
The key difference is visibility range. In the tutorial its 5000m, in mine just 2500m.
This hinders shots. I also do not agree with unit placement…..based on what I think I know.
The Soviet arty gets to pound pretty hard in this play and I did no Counter Battery. That said the scenario is over quickly.
A fresh play with my preferred setup is next.
Voice over is not audible. So dont try turning up the sound!