Decision Games Wipes Pledge Slate

You can read their pdf newsletter here.


Along with this they discuss the ‘new titles’ Wellingtons Victory and Campaign in North Afrika. 

Reprint? No.

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Fire & Movement #18

Flashback Friday:
At this point in F&M’s magazines evolution it seems GDW was garnering a significant amount of column space with articles in previous issues regarding Drang Nach Osten in #17 and Operation Crusader in #16. Each edition had significant advertising and editorial regarding the titles.



Issue 18 seen here breaks that short cycle and explores  not only titles regarding the Vietnam war but the 1979 Paper Strike! Who knew!?

I love how articles were usually accompanied by a Designers notes one pager for most reviews or strategy articles. A nice idea that needs to be revived, especially if there is a little rebuttal and to and fro from the Designer.

The cover story delves into titles from Prados, Dunnigan, Hill and even Phil Orbanes Viet-Nam (1965) the first ever wargame on the subject, sold thru Avalon Hill with plastic pieces. Not until 1971 was a Vietnam themed game published – Grunt! Prados talks here a little about some of the designs that were under way during the war:



In fact a game covering the entire conflict would not be published until 1984 when the instant mini monster Vietnam was born by Victory Games.

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Phalanx and Legion Formations in Modern Korea

An excellent training exercise. A little scripted, for the demonstrators. They seemed to be very polite 😉

Opening Gambits

What are the options with Carthage for Rome and for the Punic wannabes in turn one of 264 B.C.?

2014-10-28 12.22.30
Victory conditions revolve around Sicily in one shape or another, and the alliance with Hiero is important.
If that is true then Massana is important to you as well. For without it under siege or under Carthage control Syracuse becomes a Roman Allie.
Thus both sides have a vested interest in this single hex in the opening turns. A lot of decisions are going to be made this turn that have shaping influence upon the next handful of turns and possibly the game result in total.

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