Boer War – Belligerants


Image from page 38 of “War in South Africa and the Dark continent from savagery to civilization : The strange story of a weird world from the earliest ages to the present, including the war with the Boers ..” (1899)

boer2Page 39.


Talavera Setup shots

Talavera2014-08-31 18.44.58

Near Talavera a hodge podge of Portuguese and Spanish troops

2014-08-31 18.42.47

Villate and his forces array for battle @ 0500.

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Pre/Post Game play observations on OSG’s NLB series

Having now played Napoleonic Library of Battles, Jours de Glorie and NBS from the Gamers….I’m stuck. Below in the video  is what I thought I would find in Kevin Zuckers series.

Most of you have seen the video already, but I wanted to add a few words about Zuckers games and COA since I’ve had a few questions via YT and email.

The opinions from the video are really no surprise given the rules are an almost direct cut and paste. Command is tweaked,  the  addition of charges and a bit of arty does a little for the enhancement of  flavor,  it does not however much aid the destruction or demoralization of your enemies.

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