Dec 12th end turn, Soviet command snaps


From millerovo to shakhty,  Soviet hq units order a rout. Fear grips the command. 10th SS Police were spotted in Rovenki.

Dazed from 7 hours of play. They run.

Adjusting Trace Supply Networks – Dec 8th pains and woes



Axis force had to pay heavily to re cover supply, and re connect Trace. nearly 8t were wasted on Trace Supply this turn plus movement and overruns and Air attacks!!!

This has drastically slowed the advance on Moscow!

Did the Germans make the wrong choice in heading for Moscow?

8th of December ends and the Axis take Initiative in Dec 12th turn.  More soon!

Eisenbach Gap Scenario #1

From Feb 10 , 2011!

The tanks of the 1st Tank Regiment of the Soviet Army idled in Schlafendbauer.

Virov knew they had a challenge ahead of them. The town of Bergengipfel lay a short distance from the bridges of Eisenbach. Scouting reports had identified troops waiting for their advance.

Virov called in an artillery barrage to keep their heads down while his T-72s closed the gap and could get into a solid kill range. Arty took out the ITV sitting in the open he observed as a flash then smoke filled his nocs.

As the first platoon rolled out from the outskirts of town, reports of enemy fire came in.

“Captain, there are 4 Abrams sitting in the wide open behind the hill we are taking fire” . Came over the radio. What the hell was American doing in the open? Virov thought to himself. Using the hill for cover the T-72’s closed range.

The Abrams 105mm cannons make short work of the T72’s that first passed around the hilltop.

(not sure why that stack looks so high!?)
Virov teams hid behind each of the hills short of town. He called in more HE to keep the Infantry suppressed. As 2 platoons take on the Abrams the rest of his units storm the town.

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