ARES Magazine arises….

The New ARES Magazine evolves and you can win an original copy of an ARES mag #13  signed by Timothy Zhan!

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I signed up for the first few issues under their kickstarter. Let us see what they bring to a neglected market segment!

What is in issue one?

 “The first issue features nine original science fiction and fantasy stories, an interview with game designer and author Bruce Cordell, and an article on The Technological Singularity written by best-selling science fiction author William H. Keith (who also writes under the pseudonyms Ian Douglas and H. Jay Ryker). The issue also includes Bill Banks’ War of the Worlds, a two-player game of conquest and survival that pits the military forces of Queen Victoria against Martian forces under the command of the evil Martian overlord. The game includes a rule book, die-cut playing pieces, and a large map.”

Re make of The Civil War?



With a blown up map don’t be frightened! In real life it will be just 2 maps :(.

From Rob Bottos of Bottos Con fame! [Thats Rob pointing on the left with Mark Simonitch and unknown man on the right]:
“Mark was asked by Eric Lee Smith to redesign the game. This will be a revised second edition as opposed to a second printing with upgraded components.

The dice difference mechanic has been streamlined and gone is the choice of primary/secondary/tertiary theaters. The player will have yo decide where to spend his initiative points.”

Le Guerre de l’Empereur

I hear good things about this game. I hope to work it into our group at some point. I really need a soft copy of the rules so they can read up prior to game time.

2014-01-25 10.46.52

A Multi player Opportunity awaits!
2014-01-25 10.46.45

Our boy Nappy!

2014-01-25 10.46.24

Wittman’s Ghost Reprise [WaW]

Give the success of the first attack………………….. The Soviets use basically the same setup. Most of the Soviet Tanks hidden from sight, with Infnatry in the town and forest.

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MMP news letter

Get your game at preorder prices:

ASLK#1 is back in stock
And of course I am eager to see the new TME. Which offers a novel way to play out the game including the Eastern Front as of 1944.

“Make sure you celebrate the upcoming D-Day anniversary by getting your preorder in now for The Mighty Endeavor EXPANDED Edition, the newest edition of our popular Standard Combat Series game.

Ensuring both players have plenty to do, one player controls forces of the Western Allies and East Front Germans, while his opponent controls Russian and West Front German forces. Players compete to see which group of Allies can conquer as much German territory as possible while using their German forces to stop the opposite front.
Eastern Map:

The Mighty Endeavor EXPANDED Edition features 2 poster sized maps and one small extension map, 2 sheets of counters and three rulebooks.

We expect preorder for this game to end soon, so, make sure you place your preorder soon!”