New VBloggers for Euros

These knuckle heads are funny, articulate and engaging.

If you play Euros I encourage you to check them out on a regular basis.

you can check the web site out and all that here




GMT Update -Main Battle Tank MBT

I was holding off on posting images until the P500 was announced and bam here it is!

MBT  (preorder link) by Jim Day has 166+ orders already and 2 expansions to boot (BAOR and Bundswehr).

Despite some annoyance with the Maps and Sequencing of action phases I really like this game.

IF the scenarios pan out and IF the game play feels the same and allows for ‘modern combat’ we got a winner here!

(Note also the Western theater Drive for the Rhine Panzer expansion will bring the Yanks etc into the game also, which will ship Late May early June)

Lots of other interesting news for GMT. They seem to be in a bit of a pickle, lots of games out of stock, and a lot of games committed to production. Challenging times. I’m sure they will manage this well.

In the mean time my HOPLITE and Unconditional Surrender ship April 11! Sweet.



What Games do you play the most?

I was sitting on a bus for 7 hours.

I was cramped.

It was cold.

It was loud.

There was no cell reception.

The chanting if 40+  11-12 year boys rang in my ears.

2014-03-28 10.08.05

The faint but growing smell of stale muddy shoes, ripe socks, crushed cheezits, candy wrappers and day old urine melding into a particularly noxious odour wafted in my direction, invading all my senses.

Closing my eyes I began a mental count of the titles I had played the most. Perhaps this will make the time pass? I was too tired to read my kindle and the light above my set refused to stay on at every bump and sway, so no books could be read in the dark.

I knew it would boil down to just 2-3 titles that were played significantly more than others.

Looking at this discretely I knew World at War and Lock n’Load as 2 different series lumped together the same for SPQR/Alexander + other Great Battles of History titles would be at the top of the list.

I was more curious about the 4th and 5th ranked games than anything else.

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Breaking the Chains

Breaking the wrist?


As a follow up here, post video after some discussion as promised with other folks who have played, my conclusion on this game is significantly less positive than what I state in the video.

I think we could sum up the situation as BtC is just a bit too generic.

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Aspern Essling 0500-0600 May 22nd [OSG]

Austrian 0500 As we continue the exercise of capturing these two towns for more than a single turn, the Austrians launch a massive assault along the line in and around Aspern. 2014-03-18 17.21.16 VI Corps attack the Church earning a DR2. 1Reserve attacks also forcing a retreat which has no retreat path. Rottermund also attacks at 1:4 and is AE, failing his ‘save’ roll. Rosenburg must attack Curial as he is adjacent Attacker Retreat: AR. 2014-03-18 17.31.50 Eliminated units.

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OSG Aspern Essling Tactical

The Last Success from OSG – Kevin Zuckers company the Day of Battle scenario . We are examining this battle of Asperen Essling the prelude to Wagram using 3 titles. Recently we finished the play first title on the topic of Aspern Essling with the Vae Victus, Jours de Glorie series.

JdG had a similar time scale and foot print. But relied on a different combat method and different (chit pull) activation process. You can see the series of videos and reports here for that title.

What am I looking for in a Nappy tactical level game?

Napoleonic tactics and flavour! What does that mean? What does it look like?


Ranged combat greater than 100m is not effective from muskets.  Arty can be devastating. Cavalry have a delicate use in pinning, screening and with Heavy Cavalry formation breaking charges.

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Beyond The Rhine – hitting pre order soon!

From MMP newsletter:

Also coming up for preorder shortly is the latest from Dean and his crew.Beyond the Rhine (OCS) is a four-map monster OCS game covering the entire Western Front from September 1944 to the spring of 1945. This game includes scenarios covering Market-Garden and the Battle of the Bulge (the latter being set on its own single map sheet for convenience.)