New Titles in Da House in 2014….as of Feb 28th.

Friends…initiate the intervention NOW!!!
– But wait I can explain what is happening below… honest.

2014-02-02 12.22.54Breaking the Chains

2014-02-17 00.07.49The Dark Valley

2014-02-05 18.44.37Nuklear Winter

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Chronological Walk Thru WWII Update

In our gaming of the Walk Thru WWII we have played a LOT of titles and a been exposed to lot of history.

You might want to check these links out to catch up if you missed the original threads and plays to date: 1941 Time Line, 1940 Time Line, 1939 Time Line .

We started off with the fighting around Case White or the Invasion of Poland, with the classic GDW title on the matter.   Winter War from SPI came next.

In early 1940 our pace picked up with Hitlers invasion of Norway , then Case Yellow and of course a quick look at The Battle of Britain.

By late in 1940, every one was feeling punchy. Even  Mussolini.

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Oct 15th CB -7.1/7.2

Weather Lt Mud

German Init.

9th Army Staya Russa

9th Army plan attack near the rail head to secure supply and trace .

131st and 324th Inf Divisions press towards Peno in an attempt to encircle 4th Pzr. Group: 1st,7th,19th Pzr. Divisions & 14th and 36th Mot. Divisions

advance between Rzhev and Vyazma, all the forces are at the limits of their current supply.

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International Game Series and Grand Tactical Series Gaming

Play by Facebook!!! ? ok why not!

From Adam Starkweather!

The Situation:

OK, folks, here we go…here is the game after setup but before anything has happened. Oh, one thing here, Niko is getting to the production counters but still has a fair number left to do…here, we have the German 716th Infantry division still in its playtesting guise. If you see a strongpoint, that means that the Unit we need is missing…and some units have changed in value. But I’ll let you know what it is…


[First we watched the landings and scatter]

Now each scenario has primary/secondary/tertiary task for you perform and they are often (but not always), zero-sum with the German conditions. You get 15 points if you achieve your primary, 10 points for your secondary, and 6 points for your tertiary. The Germans have the same.

Here your primary is to control Pegasus and Horsa Bridges (red circle) at the end of the scenario, your secondary is to “take and hold” Merville Battery (yellow circle) at the end of the scenario, and your tertiary is to destroy all 5 bridges along the Dive (green circles).

My suggested moves:

GTC_facebookclick to enlarge.

The next step is to set up your Rally Points for your Para battalions. This is where you told your troops to gather before the drop if they were lost and will be important to your rebuilding your force.

We’ll do that next and I’ll help you out.


I’ve marked your VPs conditions and your battalions on the map.

So talk among yourselves and see what you want to do as a strategy…any questions, of course, just ask away…

I’m always interested to see how other players approach a game…come up with a strategy to pursue, just jump right in – or what. Take your time and let’s have some fun!

The scenario last one full day till the end of the next night turn.

Frank Chadwick – Space Games

From BGG:
elbmc1969 (Cool dude Ethan McKinney) wrote in regards to FRank Chadwicks production history.
“First, the love-fest.
Blah blah…….
And now, Star Cruiser. A game I want to love so much. A game where some interesting ideas never seem to come together to form a game. Star Cruiser has all sorts of rules about detection ranges, but the weapons have a range of one hex. Sure, there are missiles, but the sensor system makes it simple for most of them to detect their targets before they come into range.So …

Do you remember anything about the design and development process of Star Cruiser? For example, the firing arc diagram doesn’t make sense if the weapons only have a range of one hex. Did weapons have multi-hex ranges some when in the development process?”

Franks Response:
You know, I haven't looked at Star Cruiser in years and years. And years. About all I can tell you is it was based on an ASW model of warfare instead of a Jutland or Midway model,  
It was intended from the start to be all about detection and target solutions, not trading broadsides and marking off armor boxes. I think the detection tactics were a bit more involved than you remember, and much of the fight was about killing enemy missiles before they could get close enough to your ship to target it, but it really has been a long time since I've looked at it.

YES. This is what Star Wars with minis feels like and most of the counter based Space Themed games.
Interestingly, Breaking the Chains a Modern 2021 Air/Naval Tactical Game does just this – its all about interception mechanisms to protect your CV. Highly simplified but that is the gist of the game.