2014 World at War Tournament

Hi Gang!

Download Rules and XLS of Maps required here as well as a pdf of all scenarios. 

N.B: Please bring your own counters and maps where possible. I have a copy of LOF 14 counters for sharing for Round 1! Limited copies of games will be available to share.

February 6-9, 2014 Holiday Inn Issaquah, Washington


Tournament Schedule, Scenario List, and Rules Thursday, 6th Feb. Friday, Feb. 7th and Saturday, Feb. 8th

Round 1 WWII:

Under the Claw LOF #14 US-German ’44

Carentan Band of Heroes US-German ’44

 Round 2 Vietnam:

A Very Long Night LOF #9 US-NVA ’69

Stay Behind LOF #12 US-VC ’68

(Play twice swapping sides)

2 Pts for Major Victory

1 Pts for Minor Victory

3 Pts for VC win

Most points over the 2 scenarios play wins.

Most ½ squads killed total over 2 games if a draw on points exists. Vehicles/Ldrs/Heroes count for 2 ½ squads.

 Round 3 Modern:

Going Under LOF #13 US-Soviet ’85

HotG Counter Attack US-Soviet ’85

 Semi Final 

Ring of Hills Pinned British-Argentine ’82

 Sunday, February 9th

Final will be Hot in the City DoH. US-Soviet ’85

Tournament Structure:

3 Rounds are to be played over the two days with four finalists playing in the Semi-Finals either Saturday night or Sunday morning (depending on other scheduling). Players are required to complete one scenario from Each Era (WWII/Vietnam/Modern)


  1. Tournament play begins on Thursday (for Early Birds) officially Friday.
  2. All players must complete a Tournament Log Sheet for Win/Loss to count.
  3. Players will be initially paired by the Tournament Director.
  4. All rounds should last about 2 hours and games should be completed in that time. Should the game require longer an extra 30 minutes may be added once by a player in one of the three rounds they play in. The game otherwise should be ended by mutual consent and the players will decide a winner between themselves, failing agreement between the players the Tournament Director will adjudicate the game. Rules questions and look ups stop the game clock only with permission of the Tournament Director.
  5. During each round players will be matched by record as much as possible. The four players with the best record will advance to the Semi-Finals. If there are multiple players with the same record the ties will be broken by:
    1. Head to head record of those players tied
    2. Total ½ Squads killed + Vehicles/Ldrs/Heroes killed (keep a running total, see log for details)
    3. Die roll
  6. All players will play at least three games, selected and agreed upon as below.
  7. During each round, players will determine which scenario from among those listed to play. If an agreement cannot be reached in 10 minutes, roll a die and play that scenario.
  8. Players will randomly determine which side they will play.
  9. The rules from LNL 3.1 will be used. All rules questions will be answered by the Tournament Director and all rulings are final.

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