2014 What happened to the Ten Must do’s of Dec. 2013?

  1. Play at least 2 East Front titles to satisfy my desire to complete 1930-1940 of the Chronological Walk thru of WWII. At this point they will be Blitzkreig ’41 and Hitler Turns East (ATO). (10-30 hours) ONE COMPLETE and WRITTEN UP
  2. Assess what is next in the Noob Study of the Operational Art of War (3 hours).-DONE – we will play 3 Nappy titles on the Battle of Aspern Essling – Tactical Level 1 hour or less per turn.
  3. Ideally generate a Side by Side comparison of those 2 East Front titles (5 hours). FAIL
  4. Finish the majority of TBL with Bill Lawson via VASSAL (turn a week). -FAIL. We played 3-4 turns. Bill has me so badly boxed up on the Adrennes I resigned. I might try to pick it up again if he wants to but the losses are too high and the roads are closed!!
  5. Finish a campaign of Red Winter with Steve Arthur (4-6 sessions). – Steve and I paused to start Panzers in the Ardennes, we have 4 turns done I expect to pick this back up when PiA is complete! We are on the 18th December AM turn of that game.
  6. Begin playing Hellenes to see if we can generate some GBOH scenarios! (6-12 hours) – FAIL
  7. Play at least one bulge scenario or game. (8-12 hours).- Done
  8. Sticker and play Blocks in the West. (2 hours stickering, 3 hours play) –Done
  9. Organize Case Blue & GBII to be setup for a campaign play in early 2014 (once family leave town first two weeks of Jan 2014)……(ugh hours). On Oct 15th Turn as we speak, a big achievement solo. Not too many grave errors and a lot of fun.
  10. Plan on playing LNL modules of Modern combat end to end and doing some nifty video/narrative starting in December and rolling into 2014. (5 hours in  2013) –Completed 1 scenario and made a vid Done.

SCORE? 5/10 + 2 partials.

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