DAK2 7.4 May 1941


With the minior German break thru to Sollum this messes up supply for the Commonwealth.

Allies DG enemy in Sollum and attempt to reinforce.

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GBII-Case Blue Opportunity for glorious over assessment.

One of the side benefits of solo play is the delicious amount of time you can waste goofing around GETTING READY to play!!! So far I have been looking at supply chains,.examine Victory locations and approaches, possible DAY 0 moves, assessing the likelihood of their success… the list goes on. CB_NthMoscow   The other cool thing is looking at others AARS and seeing what they did. With the maps all laid out the scope and focus of their intentions become clearer. Meanwhile in VASSAL I have been taking a moment to look thru where units are situated at start of 7.1& 7.2. The above picture represents the potential Axis moves in red, major formation adjustments in Yellow and potential targets T+1 onward in black. So much fun!

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DAK2 7.4 March ’41

Overview @ start of March:

March 1941 DAK2 _ 7.4 Compass.

In the back field:

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7.4 DAK2 Feb ‘1941

1st February

Shipping in Feb is just 1 Med SP per turn! This is a tough month for the Axis, with a lot of forces already backed up and much more coming online. The trick is to be patient and plan for the next month. Its about all you can do. Shelby ships out, and the New Zealand forces finally release on the 5th of February.

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