Carthage 6

“…Carthage must be frickin destroyed…” 

Back to the war…

…the continuing saga of Team Roma and Team Carthage, battling it out in the 1st Punic War at The Source in the Twin Cities; spring/summer 2013. Seven sessions so far (plus a boot camp); all very enjoyable. Probably about 42 hours into the game (7 sessions x 6 hrs each). VERY impressed with the design; it generates a great storyline. Hats off to Mr.Berg.

The site of much action this session (as with most sessions), including the treachery at Lilybaeum and Drepanum by the wily, sometimes crabby, very rarely lucky, but always a great gaming mate, the Carthaginian 

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Panzer 3rd Expansion Sneak Peek!

Well this has potential !!! Duh!

2 maps from a historical scenario above.

The infamous B-12!


The M4 with 75mm gun

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Nukclear Winter ’68

Herr Nagel from BGG plays Nukclear Winter!! Halloween Special!

Note minor edits for clarity.

I played the first Scenario of Nuklear Winter ’68 against the Owner of the local Game Store.

The Scenario is short and includes just some basic Units. I do not have Time for more  sophisticated Gaming at the Momentcry

It is 1968 and everything you know about the History since the Second World War is not true.

Hitler died by a Putsch in 1944. Heinrich Himmler is the new German Führer.

The German Reich was changed into a radioactive contaminated Waste by multiple Allied Atomic Bombings.

But the Third Reich was not entirely unprepared. Great Bunkers were build by forced Labourers and Concentration Camp Prisoners during the last Month of the War. Many died due to the bonebreaking Work and Malnutrition.

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Marita Merkur Reboot. [Chrono]

Initial setup. Of the Greeks below. If you recall we had the reboot because we had issues with our dear cleaner she trashed my game table). We also realized that the VC were wrong, or not playable.

This title apparently had known flaws and was always planned to be replaced by the subsequent release title with 1200 odd pieces and many more maps.

Not sure that I would want to game that for this specific part of our walk thru World War II. But in any case here we are, using a system that gives us some insight into the military and political aspects of a difficult situation. The British as this time are hard pressed in Afrika (in my DAK2 play at least, if not historically), the Med is seen as a corner-stone to the British strategy. Their alliance with Greece requires them to support with troops. The Greeks put up a good show in this war, they just had their armies in the wrong locations due to their treaty arrangements and perceived threats.

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