Summer Lightning p6

The German 21 Corps advanced to Warszawa and saved panzer division.

Army “Modlin” retreated after battle. No significant losses for both sides.

19 Motorized Corps marches towards Warszwa-Wolno road to bypass Polish forces.
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Patrol! Turn 7 PbP update

The choices…the choices…

With 2 soldiers incapacitated, it might be wise to offer an opportunity for the TEAM BUND players to re cast their choices heading into Turn 8.

INCAP units are stationary, cannot fire or move. They can be carried to safe exit however (@5mp a turn).
The Overwatch Team have lost a strong firing unit (their MG) in these INCAP results.

This has caused the accumulation of 4 Preservation points. Once you hit 20 your teams run for the hills in essence.

So here are some choices:

Summer Lightning p5

Cavalry and armor brigades exploited

and attacked.

German command summoned air support. A decision of polish commanders was force to retreat German group. It was very brave and suicide action…

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BitE September ’41

Soviets on the Ropes. Kharkov falls to AGS. Desperate to hold they line they have left Kharkov undefended. Armor factories are in ruins.
AGN goes North and thru the mountain pass to fall upon Moscow in the Exploit phase from the NORTH!, after a desperate attack out of a potentially disastrous OOS situation, the Panzers pull thru. Aided by the expensive movement via SRM of Infantry to provide support.


AGN diverted its attacking from Leningrad and fooled the Soviet Player. Will the Soviet player concede or throw its diminished forces against the might of the PG’s!!?