Last Chance for Victory

Last Chance for Victory. A re imagining of Gettysburg built on the new Line of Battle Rules.

Now could you go and buy This Hallowed Ground and use the LOB rules? Sure could!

This game however has a more extensive terrain reviews, extra maps, 2204 counters (50% information counters…YIKES). ¬†The kicker – 22 Scenarios. Some so small, well look for yourself:


The neat thing is when this goes on Pre Order july 1st, you can order and have your time stamp record and noted against a specific event in the battle! The battle began 0830 EDT (0730 ACW time) on July 1st, 24 hours from now.

It would have been cool if they thought to collect the time stamps and stamp each buyers box on the inside with the Time Stamp and event ….that might be too complex.

Siege of Jerusalem Interphase 1.

Situation at the end of 7 standard daylight turns in the Siege for Jerusalem.

So…. we got started. We had fun. We found some quibbles. Is it a good game? Yes.

The Romans lost 296 VPs. As an aside teh Jews took 271 CF losses plus arty losses. Titus was almost killed twice! The Western wall took the highest casualties, with the East losing 116 factors.

Now game play and what happened. It takes time to play this game, we really thought with 3 we could crank 2 Interphases off. Not so.

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1622 Fleurus T1

Turn 1

Opening times of Fleurus. The right-wing cavalry advances for the Protestants. They fail continuation.

The next formation to activate is a make ready activation we roll to see who will activate and the Catholic Spaniards are up. They decide 2 straighten their lines and consolidate the LW Cavalry.

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