WWI Animation of Naval Force



This visualization maps 1 million WWI Royal Navy locations.

Warfare in February

Ahmadabad  1780  1st British-Maratha War

One month after British defeat at Wargaom at the hands of the Maratha Confederacy, General Thomas Goddard attacked the strong fortress of Ahmadabad, on the Sabarmati in Gujarat. De- fended by Maratha and Scinde troops, the city fell to a brave assault by Colonel James Hartley, with 106 British and 300 Maratha dead. God- dard went on to capture other key Maratha fortresses

Side by Side AVD & PGG.


Starting to wrap up the PanzerGruppe Guderian, A Victory Denied Side By Side play thru and comparison. Write up coming soon!

A Victory Denied [Side by Side] p3

Turn 6-7-8 Bear with me here.

I wanted to run the scenario out to see how I might play it based upon chit draws, and points potential. Then let my opponent (Anthony) run his turns with his chit selections and pulls. I think you will see that this shows just how dynamic the game can be and how outcomes can change due to Formation selection and the timing of those activations!  So here is 6-8 part 1 and how I played out the game:

At the end of turn 6 we roll for Hitler Directive. But before we become too excited about that result lets look at the situation.

The paths have diverged historically to a large degree and the Soviets have tarried too long!

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As we continue with Philips quest for Hegemon

The Third Sacred War

While these events were taking place in the north, the Third Sacred War had broken out in the south, the greatest disturbance in the history of Greece, and in fact the end of its independence. Thebes had suffered some minor setbacks on Euboea and wanted to compensate for them by the conquest of Phocis, a comparatively powerless state in the west of central Greece. However, the Phocians learned what was about to happen, and in the spring of 356, they helped themselves to the temple treasury of Delphi, and hired an army of mercenary. Technically, this was sacrilege, and it offered the Thebans an excuse to do what they wanted to do anyhow: they were fighting for the honor of the god of Delphi, Apollo.

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Battle of Klokotnitsa – Bulgarians vs Greeks

Battle of Klokotnitsa – Bulgarians vs Greeks

 by Gary from http://byzantinemilitary.blogspot.com
Tsar Kaloyan of Bulgaria
In 1205 Tsar Kaloyan defeated the Latins at Serres and captured Philippopolis (Plovdiv), overrunning much of the territory of the Latin Empire in Thrace and Macedonia.  The fall of Constantinople in 1204 to the Fourth Crusade saw endless battles over territory in the Balkans.

Despotate of Epirus

The Despotate or Principality of Epirus was one of the Byzantine Greek successor states of the Byzantine Empire that emerged in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade in 1204. It claimed to be the legitimate successor of the Byzantine Empire, along with the Empire of Nicaea, and the Empire of Trebizond. Conquered by the Serbian Kingdom in 1337, it was restored in 1356 and existed until the Ottoman conquest in 1479.

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