Gaming in 2013!

Closing in on year end!

How was your gaming year?

I have a little wrapping up to do: I think that I will get some or all of Hitler Turns East done as well as finish reading the now found Blitzkrieg 1941 rules, I doubt I can get this to table and done given rules format and density…first peev of the game. Simple game made hard…ugh.

I’m midway into a Space Infantry scenario, which should be done today. I hope to have some turn action from CB/GBII before year end….which leads me to Ancients…umm sort of. I have been trying to find a system that would allow for a ‘generation of battles format’ – We tried Hellenes, we tried A Most Dangerous Time…sucker me I am going back to both to try and get some love. Stay tuned!

Not sure I can get a play of A Distant Plain in before year end. There are some minor edits below on the chart but it’s mostly accurate.  For example I only played BitE 4 times not 6 as it states in the chart below. It seems my play of LNL is lighter this year, but I think that I may have failed to record a small handful of sessions.

Overall my year felt less productive, but more satisfying. I still have the burning urge to get ‘through’ titles, just in case I drop dead!

My already short burn patience fuse is shorter going forward for rules and games and designs that are problematic. There are too many awesome games out there to invest time in unfinished or flawed titles.

But this year I also had large stints of apathy for gaming in general and I think BGG is one of the problems. Don’t expect to see me there much in 2014, nor be posting as much to Facebook. I also think the blog needs to be the voice of my gaming not Facebook posts. I will be keeping tabs on all my favorites however in terms of Communities, Podcasts and vbloggers.


Se where did we get with our year end gut check?

  1. Play at least 2 East Front titles to satisfy my desire to complete 1930-1940 of the Chronological Walk thru of WWII. At this point they will be Blitzkreig ’41 and Hitler Turns East (ATO). (10-30 hours)   -0% as of today, hope to get one done.

  1. Assess what is next in the Noob Study of the Operational Art of War (3 hours).

– 75%, in this case I am thinking that Case Blue/GBII counts here. I have in fact written and will publish a small handful of notes on the topic.

  1. Ideally generate a Side by Side comparison of those 2 East Front titles (5 hours).

-0%… sad.

  1. Finish the majority of TBL with Bill Lawson via VASSAL (turn a week).

– 50% we might be close to done has he is screwing me good as the Allies.

  1. Finish a campaign of Red Winter with Steve Arthur (4-6 sessions).

-35% finished a turn or two and played a short scenario.  Will be pausing on Dec 16th to start Iron Tide – Panzers in Ardenne!

  1. Begin playing Hellenes to see if we can generate some GBOH scenarios! (6-12 hours)

-started and stopped…100% and 100% fail. Returning to this in 2014.

  1. Play at least one bulge scenario or game. (8-12 hours)

100% Playing this tonight with kids. (Avalon Hill.) and see above with SteveA.

  1. Sticker and play Blocks in the West. (2 hours stickering, 3 hours play)


  1. Organize Case Blue & GBII to be setup for a campaign play in early 2014 (once family leave town first two weeks of Jan 2014)……(ugh hours).

-Setup, done, part of one turn done. 100%

  1. Plan on playing LNL modules of Modern combat end to end and doing some nifty video/narrative starting in December and rolling into 2014. (5 hours in  2013)


Not good. Life is intervening!

So this year I played :



a lot of times (note some are not exact dates, but just wanting to get games logged in months i played. Playing the major sized games like DAK2, really impacted total number of titles played however.

52 discrete titles excluding series (LNL, WaW), less if we assume SCS, and OSG are not unique per title. Less than last year and slightly lower total plays about 100-102 versus 115 last year.



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