HitC[Hot In The CIty] LOF 13 p2

The Radio squawked, it was the boss again. “Just checking in York, what is your SITREP?” York dryly replied ” Same as 5 minutes ago sir. I’d hold off calling in the reserves till either you or I are under real pressure. Then we head to Phase Line 1, and take it from there with some armor help…assuming they actually come this time”

Reports filtered in. Which ones were accurate? Forces were spotted behind Yorks position and one squad was apparently cut off.   The Soviets appeared to be building up for another push.


“Relax said the voice on the radio, they will be here.” After yesterday York thought they had better. What a disaster. Support was delayed for 20 minutes by RPG fire from the roof tops….Its God dam Abrams for goodness sake! Thought York, he spat again, scanned the buildings. “Hmm, this aint right” he said to the Corporal beside him. York pushed up from the floor, stood and began to signal his men with a window motion, then more rapidly a go prone signal………………..He turned.


The gritty windy silence broke as the sound of PKM rounds shattering through the wall and into Yorks body echoed off the walls in the room. He died as he had hoped, mostly in one piece.  Others died as well, men ducked for better cover, some survived thanks to his warning.

Yorks receiver sparked to life. “York come in, we can see and hear the fire, you guys need to bug out. HQ says armored vehicles are on the way, as they have reports of flanking Soviet forces approaching our rear!….York….York?

With the squads spread over 6 blocks losing York and his men meant trouble for everyone.  They now could not support each other.

Reports filtered in. Which ones were accurate? Forces were spotted behind Yorks position and one squad was apparently cut off.   The Soviets appeared to be building up for another push.

York and his men die in a hail of bullets



Assault, Scenario 11, part 1 & background

Douglas Bush from BGG has kindly shared his superb AAR of this GDW classic.

The cool Japanese box art version.

3 of these titles were just added to the library [I figured once I personally ascended to over 150 titles that library seemed appropriate, word from on high suggests that more than that will be cause for either renovation or divorce or both]. To collectors with over 500 titles I commend your dedication and your spirit of adventure. But I digress.

Here is what the game looks:

Assault, by GDW, is a Platoon level treatment of modern combined arms combat in Europe ca. 1985. The game was released in 1983, the first in a series of five titles in the series. I now have just the three (the other two owned are Bundeswehr & Cavalry)

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Warefare in November

Agua Prieta 1915   Mexican Revolution

When the United States recognised President Venustiano Carranza, Francisco (Pancho) Villa attacked the Mexican border town of Agua Prieta, held by Federal General Plutarco Elı´as Calles since victory at Naco. Watched by American forces at Douglas, Arizona, Villa’s cavalry were destroyed against cannon and barbed wire. He later raided into the USA at Columbus (1–3 November 1915)

Thoughts on Austerlitz

IT has been a while since we touched Austerlitz. The level of  focus and effort to play GBII and then The Blitzkrieg Legend meant NBS system languished.

Given the very strong position that we find  the French in, and the relatively low votes on the last polls I am considering calling the game and establishing a play of C.V. A hidden movement game that might be fun to try Play via Poll or PbP?

As a refresher here is the situation for the two forces.




The above blog has 17-19 great image laden Battle Report on the Napoleonic Era. All minis. Some great stuff here. Check the blog out.

1813 Battle

Cameron, David and myself had a big Naps game in my loft yesterday. We decided on a battle from 1813 with Russians and Austrians against French. I will add another table eventually as the space on our battlefield was pretty limited.
Cameron studying the battlefield. Cameron supplied some great snacks!
I had a couple of beers while posting so the pics are in no particular order. Basically I pressured and pinned David on the left while waiting for my 2nd brigade to arrive. David sent his light horse straight through the centre in an attempt to split our armies in 2 (forgot to take pics!).
This was another learning curve for us with the latest GdB rules. We started around 12 noon and finished around 9pm with an adobo break (Filipino food) and a couple of other short stops. We definitely were getting the hang of the rules as time went on. I ordered a 2nd rule book last night so fingers crossed we can dump the 2nd editions for good! 

Canadian Exercises

Canadian Forces soldiers from 5th Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (5CMBG) in light armored vehicles (LAV III) and Leopard 2A6M tanks participate in an attack scenario during

Exercise Maple Resolve on October 24, 2012 in Wainwright, Alberta.

No. DOROSH was not present. We did a head count. 🙂