Angola part 2

Situation End turn 1

Turn 2

Play order, for Rounds. UNITA/FAPLA/FNLA/MPLA

Oh and as the game progresses more rounds are added and additional cards for certain factions become available. Note also that At Start uncontrolled cities are randomly generated via chit draw too.

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Austerlitz 0630 Turn 2 [Allies]

French Lancer, but you get the idea

0630 A horse galloped furiously thru fog, heedless of shouted warnings from hapless scouts and advanced guards of the 7th Jaeger Regiment under the 3rd Column. He bore a message of the utmost importance.

Meanwhile Constantine fidgeted at the  camp with the Emperors and their retainers. Merely 30 minutes into the operation and the leaders were bickering about the plans.

“What if Napoleon is trying to fool us?”

“Reports say a enormous force of Cavalry approaches Pratzen? Say one officer

“Rubbish” says another “Infantry were heard marching up the road FROM Stanton redoubt!”

“Insanity, Napoleon attack? He is cowering in his soggy tent.” “Mark my words, by the time this confusing fog clears we shall all be drinking Schnapps over that little bastards dead body.” said a Colonel.

“Enough” said a quiet but firm voice. “Your Imperial highness’s, if I may suggest a small modification?” Constantine stepped forward and marked the salt map in front of every one.

Let me advance down the road to the junction with the Imperial Guard as a mere morale booster and a show of force for all concerned. Having all those cannons on the high ground makes good sense and we shall let loose a salute to one and all upon our victory!”……………

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Angola is a an attempt at a simulation of a vicious war between various factions in the decade long Civil war of Angola.

Why the hell play a war game about a civil war in Angola? Who cares…..? You do. This was also a nice little proxy fight between the two cold war Super Powers. Not enough for ya?


The 27-year war can be divided roughly into three periods of major fighting – between 1975 and 1991, 1992 and 1994, and 1998 and 2002 – broken up by fragile periods of peace. By the time the MPLA finally achieved victory in 2002, an estimated 500,000 people had been killed and over one million internally displaced. The war devastated Angola’s infrastructure, and dealt severe damage to the nation’s public administration, economic enterprises, and religious institutions.
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