PbP: Leros Campaign 1600 Day One

After a furious series of turns the time for another poll has arrived. Last post we were at 0640, and I posted recently that the 0900 turn things were going well for the Allies.

They were. Past tense.

After 30 air sorties life is a bit different and the tenuous hold on two locations is now no longer. Lets take a look.  Whilst overall I feel like losses are light for both sides. The damage is wearing down the Allies somewhat faster than the Axis.

See past posts here:  or the discrete links below for a full chronology.

Here is the situation. From 9am onwards on Day One of the battle for Leros the British and their allies have fought hard.

The Invasion at dawn was not a surprise but it took its toll. The Allies have lost some key positions.

Initially we wanted the Allies (you) to hold Ports and piers as long as possible. This would prevent new forces landing easily and keep heavy weapons off the Island.

This has not happened. The Italian Forces have gone radio silent. Last reports were they were under heavy attack from Kust Co. Losses were severe. We must therefore assume that side of the Island is no longer under our control.

Worse yet. Repeated bloody assaults in Portolago has resulted in the decimation of Kents. 1 platoon and a MG section finally retreated @ 1400 hr.

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Special Operations #2

Before we go getting all enamored with what I like about this magazine and game,let me get my disappointing points with this edition out of the way.

1. no zip lock.  Really? WTH. So if I want to open it and review it and re seal it to sell or keep minty I have to buy my own bag.

2. too many ASL articles again…1/3 of the magazine(12 pages). If ASL is such a huge market can’t we have their own magazine?  This is going to be a real issue for me. I understand that there are lots of fans of the tactical system. But seriously are a third of the buyers or revenue for the magazine ASL players?  Ahhh. hang on I see, they play ASL & the other stuff. Its just the non grognard who plays non ASL that will be annoyed. I think I understand!….sort of….

3. is 35 pages enough for a twice a year for all of the MMP titles & ASL? I would have liked to see 2 more articles at least.

4. would have liked to see more articles on SCS /TCS / OCS!

5. input about new designs coming and images to get my buying juices flowing. Given that there is little going on in the web and social media with MMP I would have hoped for more developer diary type of stuff, concept art etc to feed the sales engine.

—-> typos. I am no mean speller but really. I stopped counting after 3 on first couple of pages.

Last thing…I did not really understand the first few paragraphs of Adams article?  U’44 was at one point to be a block game, then suddenly it was not. I was looking forward to more on the design aspect of that and the potential changes and why and how etc. Then poof! its published. No biggie it just felt very rushed.

804 IMG_0153

Great articles on Bravery in the Sand.

Lovely new short scenarios for ME (SCS)

A unusual article on Fury in the East.

816 IMG_0152

Nice clear rules for U’44. Looks very exciting. Counters have nice art. Lots of info counters. movement is universal by unit type.


Hidden movement means the rear of the counters have all the data!

871 IMG_0148

Did I mention good looking map?

Feels like the Gamers influence or side of the equation is not present would be my final point.

Its a Dogs Life

A US Marine dog handler, and his military working dog pull security during a patrol in Afghanistan.

Military working dogs are absolutely incredible and a vital part of military operations. They are under appreciated, they can sniff out anything from an insurgent in a drainage pipe, to a bomb in a dead animal, not to mention they boost the moral of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines around them.