Fire In the Sky p1/3

Chap4 Scenario 7.3 Night of Fire
Italics = in game notations
Well who ever reads this might as well know this diary,…is painful to write. I still cant write about the battle for No Name Ridge. Not yet anyway.
But as I sit here I can still feel the soreness in my thigh when the weather changes, from that dreadful experience.

You know I was at Hagaru when it all went down just after Thanksgiving back ’50. I was thankful all right. After being wounded back in August I did a rotation with Division until I got my strength back. It was good to be out of the line of fire despite fretting for the men.

Thanksgiving wan’t much to celebrate, except the fact that we were alive and the Chicoms didn’t interupt the turkey dinner…well it wasn’t turkey, but it was some sorta meat. Anway it was bitterly cold, even with winter uniforms. It had to be at least 15 below in the sun. The Engineers were blasting rock and frozen ground for an airstrip. Hell of a time to build.

2200 hrs
I was still up when it all started. Talking to the Major, drinking a bourbon from his private collection. Eagle Rare. I’d never heard of it. But back in Arizona there was not much call for Whiskey. I drank Tequila. This Eagle Rare was a little sweet for me.

Lesson learned about stacks, movement under OW and a host of little things. Both sides earned some pain.
An MG section from 172 dies, near NW end of the runway. Several Chi units suppressed.

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Phantom Fury, Hell and Back [p2

Part 2

The Bradley rolled to a stop. As it did doors swung open, and men moved rapidly in a stack to the faceless wall. The Bradley provided cover on the short street whilst a Security Element provided over watch behind and above the squad.

The signal was made for the move. “Frag out” said Private Ramirez. The teams clambered over the 6 foot high wall and assumed covering arcs.

They shot the  locks were shot on the ground floor door.  Ramirez and Cisneros cleared the ground floor, whilst Pioske and Stewart headed upstairs.  Nothing. “Clear”.

At the 11th house they started over, shooting the two visible locks.  So far they had not contacted the enemy. Tension was high.

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Pompeys Ride down the Via Sacra

In one day Pompey received his triumph, consulship and senatorship. That day was today in the Year 71 B.C.

What constituted a Triumph?

During the approximately 1900 years of the history from the beginnings of the Roman Republic to the final disappearance of the Eastern Roman Empire about 500 triumphs were celebrated.

  1. The Senate, headed by the magistrates without their lictors.
  2. Trumpeters
  3. Carts with the spoils of war
  4. White bulls for sacrifice
  5. The arms and insignia of the conquered enemy
  6. The enemy leaders themselves, with their relatives and other captives
  7. The lictors of the imperator, their fasces wreathed with laurel
  8. The imperator himself, in a chariot drawn by two (later four) horses
  9. The adult sons and officers of the imperator
  10. The army without weapons or armor (since the procession would take them inside the pomerium), but clad in togas and wearing wreaths. During the later periods, only a selected company of soldiers would follow the commander in the triumph, as a singular honour.

The imperator may possibly have had his face painted red and wore a corona triumphalis, a tunica palmata and a toga picta. He may have been accompanied in his chariot by a slave holding a golden wreath above his head and constantly reminding the commander of his mortality by whispering into his ear. However, this is based on slender and disputed evidence.

Phantom Fury Hell & Back [narrative]

October 12th 2004.
3rd Battalion 5th Marine HQ

“Heads Up Ladies!” Said Sergeant Catanagus in a loud clear voice that caught everyones attention as he strode into the meeting room where 2nd Platoon of Alpha Company ,1/3/5 were gathered. “We are headed to Fallujah” Groans bellowed from throats, eyes rolled on meaty shaved heads.

“Why do we always have to clean up after the Princesses @ 81st (Airborne)?” Someone says.

“Oh shut up, and stop your whining it’s those Freaking Fallujah Brigade asseholes I bet, not 81st’s problem.

Catanagus says “ Well Marines, now its our problem.” “You heard that right growled Sgt Edison Catanagus’s counter part in the Platoon.

The room settled down. “The XO will be here in 5 minutes before we get started let me say this.” He paused for effect. “This is going to be an extreme MOUT . The key to you living or dying, or to your squaddies living or dying is patience. When my squads and elements break outta here, there will be a full review of procedures and process for MOUT.”

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