Castrum Album 214 B.C. 2nd Punic War

Scipio is in essence on the run to his brother Gneaus’s camp. Having been ambushed, bushwhacked and generally run into by Carthaginians over the years he is ready to see the campfires of his brother!

Indeed the wound in his thigh from when his son saved him at the Battle of the The Ticinus River still aches on cold days no doubt.

He is trying to avoid a rather large but not heavy interception force just outside of Gnaeus’s camp. This is a small scenario and I have made a stop motion video of it so you can see nearly every move.

Using SGBoH rules we have an opportunity to move TR/PR & HA in one turn, but only one of them can be in command and each type of unit must have at least one unit adjacent to a Praefect or Tribune who in turn must be in OC range. Got it? Good.

This actually gave me a feel for what GBoH full rules may be like in terms of overall play. I think if Berg/Herman etal re wrote the activation rules for SGBoH (no I don’t own Chandragupta yet) we could get much of the joy of game flow with less fiddling with dice and chits. There is no way I could do these AARs using the full rules and actually get thru a swag of games…..I digress.

H.Barca wins initiative, and moves to encircle the Legion marching down the road. Scipio immediately moves his Velites and successfully seizes pushing his units forward. I love the battles that are not set piece! ANYTHING can happen.

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