Nola 214 B.C.

The Battle of Nola is my dark place…. Yes. I’m not sure of the etiquette is regarding writing AARs, this one is a little more personal.

Coming out of surgery this week and attempting to pick up this battle on the PC was tough. Why?

Was it the discomfort I felt physically? Maybe.

Was it that I felt guilty that I should be back working to help keep people in our company jobs? Possibly.

Was it the anesthetic hangover? Good guess.

Or is it that the 2nd Punic War is a bloody, brutal, savage affair that I had not fully realized the import of in terms of loss of life and destruction wrought? Now we are getting closer.

Somehow this all came to a head at the Battle of Nola run thru for me. In a dark mood, as I lay in bed pondering life and the number 42..drugs will do that to you, so I lay here and I wrote. This is the result:

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Cannae redux 1.2 216 B.C. Legions of the Dead

Folks here we go. This is the 5th battle in the 2nd Punic War covered by the GBoH campaign from the C3i Magazine:

I used the no envelopment ‘presetup’ for this battle. It actually slows the Carthage side down quiet a bit, BUT is valuable to Carthage in terms of operational flexibility as we will see.

I have attached a vid which is a step back from other productions but I want to get this to you folks along with Dertosa prior to my surgery next week.

Carthage’s game plan changed very little, except they had to deal with numerous Cav Pursuits which cost them 5 precious cav units 2 of which returned.

Here is the video: (its a loud song…youtube picked it for me …seemed apt!)

In summary Carthage won because :
Using SGBoH rules Rome had 14 turns Carthage 20. Yes they seized 7 times to Romes 3!

The first 5 turns are consumed with alternating Lancer and Light Cav attacks. Its very effective. By the end of turn 6 Rome had incurred 61 Rout points, and inflicted only 12.

Rome from the outset decided to not pussy foot around. They surged thru the Velites into contact with the Carthage center as soon as possible.
This included activating Paullus‘s Legions and bringing them forward to support the attack center and spread cover on the flanks.

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The 6th battle in the Campaign  Rome RP 240 Carthage RP 175

Note, this session report is for you to look at what can go wrong, as Rome. I am replaying this match as part of my 2nd Punic War AAR series.   We started out by setting up incorrectly ( I was missing some units – since found thank goodness). After reading the Historical notes, glancing thru the relevant parts of Livy and looking over the map, it struck me that if Rome could preemptively attack Carthage’s Cavalry and bog it down for a turn the Romans could attempt to surge into the middle and have at it.

Otherwise history would indeed repeat itself.Carthage starts in the envelopment position per scenario recommendation. In hindsight it might be worthwhile ‘making’ the Carthaginian player execute those moves to slow down his Cav….Read on.

Carthage wins the initiative roll and begins with a RW all out assault on Romes Alae Cav. Marharbal and his Numa Numa Cav missile attack and inflict 6CHs! Wow.

The shock phase is even better, 2 9’s and 3 Auto routs. Yes folks 15 Rps in turn 1. Only 2 out of 10 pursue.Rome now attempts to counter by executing the afore said pre emptive strike.

Rome does well inflicting 12CH but only killing 1 unit. Paullus immediate attempts to seize and begins to move Hastati to the best of the drum into the center of the fray.

Carthage on their turn attack again Rome with their Numidians. Why wouldn’t you! 9 missile attacks later, and 4 more auto routs Rome is up to 46 Rout points.

No pursuit!Over on the Left Wing Carthage gears up its Lancers and they inflict an additional 10 rout points but 2 units trundle off in pursuit.

Seeing what is coming with almost no cavalry to guard the flanks Rome has to defer its attack of the center to protect its flanks by moving the rear rows out to the side to try and slow the Numidians down.I think that was a mistake, Rome should have damned the futuristic torpedoes and kept the momentum up!

The Light Cavalry attack again killing RC and Principies indiscriminately. – another 10 RPs for Rome.

Its Rome 66, Carthage 7

Rome moves their Legions forward, Carthage attacks with Left wing cav, not achieving much, and Roman Velites push back the Slingers to make room for the Hastati. This goes on for two more turns.

Overheard on the battlefield while the Carthage Cavalry take turns slaughtering Romans – “ You go ahead.”. “No really its your turn, you kills some”. “I say you are really too kind” is the banter between the two swarthy horse generals.

On Romes 10th turn they finally get the Legions into the fray. A whopping 7 rout points are accumulated for Carthage.

Thru the dust, Hannibal is seen. OMG, he fell off Surus he was laughing so hard.

Unfortunately the Leader roll was two 9’s…(inside joke)

Well guess what Carthage’s RW attacks the Triarii WTH……….come on.

I abandon all pre tense of following the rules and allow the Triarii to engage the LC at will.At this point its Carthage 14, Rome 106.

For shits and giggles Carthage attacks with its entire front line and further messes up the command of the Roman Legions.

Inflicting more damage on themselves than Rome has done.

Rome reciprocates by make a slew of low margin attacks in a desperate attempt to re gain the momentum…

Its Carthage 25 Rome 135.Game suspended due to lack of interest. I am resetting this one up.

Rome is going to show up this time and play for real.No pussy footing around.

The Battle of the Trebbia River 218 B.C.

The Battle of the Trebbia River 218 B.C.

This was to be will be a fairly short AAR. I think a number of folks have posted about it previously. I will say at the outset that this was very touch and go for a while.
EDIT: in light of the length I am posting a brief pic compilation for the attention challenged look for it in vid section **

The Romans have their usual command struggles and their Cav, while powerful against LC if you can get 2 units on one, really struggle here against the numbers.

See this post re Trebbia setup.
The GBoH and SGBoH differ on setup. SGBoH uses PH’s instead of HI. Which seemingly makes sense since that is what Hannibal left Spain with after the Battle of the Tagus (see AAR)

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Umbria 217 B.C AAR,(VASSAL) 2nd Punic War

Preamble from C3i Equus SGBoH.

Just after the Lake Trasimene debacle for the Romans, Hannibal learned that another Roman force was approaching. Centenius, on the other hand, knew nothing of the recent disaster that had befallen Flaminius’ army. Hannibal assigned the task of dealing with this threat to his trusted marshal, Maharbal. Maharbal had served as Hannibal’s deputy in Spain, and was undoubtedly one of the greatest cavalry commanders of all time. He took a detachment of cavalry and Balearic slingers out to meet Centenius. With his superior Numidian scouts, Maharbal located the Romans and determined their route of approach. Setting a hasty ambush, the Carthaginians killed some 2,000 enemy horsemen in the initial clash and the pursuit that followed. The following day the remaining 2,000 horsemen were forced to surrender.

Carthaginian Army: Withdraws when units with TQ points totalling 30 have been eliminated.

Roman Army: Withdraws when units with TQ points totalling 28 have been eliminated.

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