1st Punic War 262-261BC [Part 2]

Game play continues [part 2]  in Carthage from GMT. See Anthony Kinner and I first turn here :  [part 1] & [part 1.1]

262 BC

Family power determination plays a critical role in the game of Carthage. Magonid vs Barcid family determines or influences the aggressive stance of Carthage. In 262 B.C the Magonid Family still in charge. They also manage to keep the Political Climate interested and manage to keep Army III in play!

Reinforcements pour into Massilia vid gold paid to the Gauls.

The 25 factors there now shuts down a strategic option for the Romans. If they could take Massilia this could have A. Opened a threat to Corscia and Sardinia and B. reduced fleet capacity. The attempt by the Roman Senate to thwart and divert Carthage might just have backfired!

261 BC

As events unfold in 261, the Punic force take to sea this time with an objective of taking Tarentum. Sadly for them the winds blow the navy around horribly. [we realize Cartho took the wrong leader so we allow a swap out there as he had just 1 LAM. Cartho after landing in Croton will now need to recover and move to Tarentum.

Rome Consul assaults LilyBaeum, [error in play forget to double IDS]. They fail losing 20% and Cartho loses 25% of its force.

Attirtion from the long hot summer has an impact [Siege Attrition X2 ] –

In Massilia Holds the Gauls hold on. In Lilyaeum Rome loses 9 steps to attrition. Round 2:

Rome 1. / Cartho 11 in Massilia in Lilybaeum : Rome 2 /2 . In a stroke of genius the Cartho leadership sends a relief fleet to Massilia which provides a significant benefit to the besieged forces. This epic sea run saw no scatter!

Hanno now moves forces to Tarantum and places it under siege.

Field Consul Claudius races to the rescue! Launching a brave assault against the besieging gold hungry horde. Rome suffers 30% casualties, a Major Defeat, and the worthless dog Claudius dies. 1 Less E rated leader ! YES!

Legion III /IV. Take massive loss the Cartho army gives out an absolute beating.


Augery: the Saminite naval mutiny occurs…. Clearly not Romes finest hour, or year.

Rhegium Praetor moves to block Hanno Hamilcar. And covers the now Useless army of the dead Field Consul.

At year end for some reason Rome does not disband Legions rather they reinforce via Manpower- 20 pts for CA I and III. …Leadership vacuum is going to break Rome.

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