19th Oct CB/GBII 7.1/7.2

Weather: Light Mud

Soviets take initiative again. They immediately attempt to finish off a breakout attempt for a hand ful of Soviet units.

Then begin shuttling isolated units to the frontlines.

The Soviets trainbust and air Assault the German lead elements. Causing some problems to appear compounded with the bad weather.

Ugh, losses mount for the turn and NO replacements AGAIN!!!! Good news? Losses increase ata decreasing rate????


Low Ammo, OOS and DG add insult to injury. Kursk falls! The rescue effort was a ruble short.


No losses for the Germans on this attack at all.


Further west of Kursk the Cavalry and Guards prepare to fight it out. The Cavalry die from the 17th Pzr full on assault.


This overview shot shows you the map looking North to South. Bottom of image the Soviets have a serious power base at the top of the map but too little SP to do much…yet.

Rhzev still holds, but may be cutoff to the North if they are not careful.

The Vyazma rail is now clear and conversion is under way for the Germans, which must pause for refit and refuel at this stage.

Staya Russa area:

Russkies plan and plot….while in Rzhev they cling tosupply lines for Trace on the RAIL net.


Effective game play from the Soviets stall efforts NE of Bryansk, and the Germans elect to consolidate forces.

IF the Soviets had any forces or could mount a surprise attack this would be a great location. Orel is thin!


The plains between Orel and Kursk:


Worn out but in Kursk the Germans celebrate in what may be the last turn of dry –ish conditions for them in the South.

Forces slog thru the heavy terrain to link u with Belgorod.


Inching thru mud….


LAH, prepare for the next push….after they find another extender.


The Soviets have done ok here with protected flanks, now they need some wet weather to prevent flank attacks.

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