1939, Red Winter play [2]/5

Scenario game play. Not the campaign.
This is part two of three. Just a very, very delayed posting. Sorry for any confusion!!


The Soviets managed to close quickly on the  Finns. They elected to take a battle of attrition route by bringing in the big guns early.  This added firepower and the weight of the arty will make saving the Hotel a challenge.

Red Winter rw_t8

In turns 8 and 9 the Finns keep fire power on the Soviets and are regretting letting the Island go so quickly.


Pressuring the Supply route means that the Soviets have to hold back a few companies to support LOC.

end turn 10- RW

With a little deft recycling of weakened units the Fins dig in in the Gravel pits and cycle wounded men out for fresh.

Despite this the Gravel pits fall by turn 11.


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