1806: Rossbach Avenged 10th Oct. AM

Turn one action. Morning Turn.

The French hobble into action, with close to 50% OOC. The Prussians on the other hand roll well and race to cut bridges, and shore up defenses.

The French plan of attack is to quickly capture loose VP sites in the North then sweep NW.

Hopefully isolating loose forces for easy combats and then seeking to hit the Prussians from the North and with V Corps (Lanne) from the South.

The Prussians will seek to hold on across the River and try to slow the attacks down and the VP acquisition down to a bearable rate. All the while looking for a lucky riposte at the long thing supply line.

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  1. I’ve only played one of Zucker’s Napoleonic games and really enjoyed it. I have the latest Napoleon at Leipzig sitting on my shelf ready to go. A friend and I are hoping to get at it this summer. Have you played many? Which ones do you think are worth getting?

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