16AM-17AM The Woods of Belgium


1Pzr Step and 4-6 Steps of Infantry losses. The Germans are not doing terribly well. The US has pulled A class units with ratings of 11+ a LOT!!!! 😉  This has a real impact on the game. As there are a finite # of each type of “good” unit strength token.

In the 16PM turn the Germans begin construction of two bridges. while the Allies destroy several more behind the lines. The Allies attack the 326th Infantry Divisions 752 Regiment reducing it to Cadre status from the 1 factor chit that it was. Eiseborn, Moshau is a mess. We have units bottled up and the Germans may need to bring the 12th SS to bear and lose the ‘no ZOCs’ benefit to rescue the operation in the North.

Given the plan proposed relies on success here, its either time for a new plan or time to commit!

Situation at the start of the 17AM Turn:


This part of the map is thin defensively for the Allies. We might find some opportunities here to take some pressure off of the Northern approach. The Paras will likely drop at 4340 in the rough and try to hold open a bridge ..somewhere.

17pm choices

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