15th June AM Last Days of Grande Armee

LDGA_15tham Leveraging the unique initiative chit, Napoleon elects to press fast and far Turn 1. I am a bit rusty on the rules so forgive major blunders. I will try and roll back and catch them where I can. For instance I think I need to stack the Bridging Train with a unit…and it cannot force march….see what I mean by rules lapses 🙂 Both attacks are successful. The Left flank attacking using II corps and the redoubtable Pire goes well but an exchange occurs due to the township modifier. The Guard stomp on Zieten, who retreats (no eZocs over rivers right?) 😉 2014-08-20 20.55.07   The Prussian Steinmetz from I Corps is PEU (permanently eliminated), while the French forces go to the recovery box for Night Recovery. Note that now two Corps are at 50% of demoralization. This affects Init ratings, movement and advance after combat but not much else. 2014-08-20 21.02.54 In order to win this game you must smash mouth Corps to demoralization. So it is important to know which formations are resilient on your side and which are prey on the other. The only other way to accumulate VP’s is to capture some way out of the way supply locations. We can talk about those later. On to the Alliance turn. 2014-08-20 21.02.54

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