1560 A Most Dangerous Time Prelude

The deep, impassive eyes somehow managed to shine despite their black as coal color above his thick and fierce mustache.

Set broadly on the stony face they sought an answer. Never moving, not blinking.

Just stillness.

All around below him the sweet decay of Spring blossoms rotting on the formal Tranquil Garden marred the pristine formed sand rows. A light breeze caused damp leaves to stir on the contemplative rocks. Koi lazily swam beneath the blossoms dark pinkness tinged with brown rot in the Chisen. The Garden was abnormally chaotic this day. He had requested that none maintain the Garden for the last 2 days. This he thought more accurately reflected his world.

He did not see any of this however, as his steady gaze looked down upon his garden.

His eyes went deeper, farther and more keenly. His minds eye went through the exquisitely shaped trees and shrubs, past the water and the Koi onwards.

Gently he tore at the veils of fog. Revealing. Probing. Teasing. Assessing. Which destiny would be his in the mists of time? He saw possibilities, his saw his enemies actions. He saw their allies’ responses.  His own actions were visible too. All of this was gently swirling in a dance of the future. All of this weaving together a tapestry of possible and probable for him.

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Something changed.

No attendant saw a movement in the Daimyo. Yet they knew the Master was finished. Perhaps it was the Suns early glint on tile roof of his Castle, or the warming air. Regardless they quietly assumed a more responsive attitude awaiting the boundless energy to be unleashed towards them as it always was every morning.

A single name was uttered.

An attendant left quietly.

Tea was brewing as the Daiymo fluidly and effortless arose to move to the Tea Room. He marveled at his own strength, at once sorry that it would soon be gone, yet grateful for the effortless agility he possessed.  He glided from the contemplative garden through the 12 foot high heavy doors into his private ceremonial Tea room, to once again practice the never ending search for perfection with his Tea Master Sen no Rikyū.

He knew Time was indeed endless and his visit upon the Land of the Rising Sun was short by comparison. To achieve his goals would be one thing, for them to be noticed in the future history another.

It was now time to begin the execution of his plan. But first even Time and all mankind would wait for Tea.

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