Double activation. Choices..choices.
Holz  at his current end point from the first activation can lunge to 254 Eng.
Or 99th HQ.
Making the HQ displace affects all units in the 99th.


Pressing up on the engineer would be good and score a VP. 

But taking a look at displacing the 99th HQ let’s see what might happen instead.


Holz,  does not need to fire attack ( engagement) the HQ. Just move into the hex, he can as it has an Objective marker ( crud..did I need an Objective marker? I think so.)
The retreat 9.1f!

This pushes the HQ 3 hexes, drops  prepared defense for all units, and causes coordination. Combat Trains flip to Ghost….I think.
So it looks like this.


Interesting. Going to check the veracity of this and consider next steps for 12VG.

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5 thoughts on “12VG.

  1. Wow. It looks like displacing that HQ will cause overall panic among those 99ID units facing the enemy. The more I read your postings about this game, the more I’m willing to “pull the trigger” on getting a copy. Interesting that the next volume will be Kasserine!

    • I think dropping PD will mean the loss of effective defensive arty fire. Important but not definitive. Remains to be seen how that all works.

  2. Are you are finding it unique with new concepts that require time to understand, rather than complex? Seems like a lot of moving parts.

  3. Isn’t is more than slightly gamey to go after the HQ? Sure, it’s an artifact of the God’s Eye View syndrome that affects most wargames, but still. A game like this really needs double blind, umpired play, probably with free US setup, so both sides have more of that ‘facing the unknown ‘ fear coloring their moves.

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