10 Questions with Mark McLaughlin

Hudsons Hideout has a fun interview with Mark McLaughlin, take a minute to check it out. Makes me feel like you got to be GOOD AND LUCKY to have a game go to print besides just patient.

I would have asked how to pronounce his name…;)

If you do not know Mark has a long background in design games include well know titles such as :

Napoleonic Wars (not a personal favorite of mine but just one play probably did not give it all that much of a chance:

and of course more recently Rebel Raiders.

You can read the interview here:

Mark has his on Blog where he posts regularly about his designs and novels.

http://markgmclaughlin.blogspot.com/ .

One thought on “10 Questions with Mark McLaughlin

  1. Victory Point Games is acting like a school for game designers, plus since the print on order, they can take risks on games others can’t, Of course, your game needs to be small!

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