0900 Flat Top



2 blue circles are locations of TF 1 & 2 with approximate data of 5 ships for one and 12 for the other.

Yellow circle is IJN CV locations. and the top yellow circle is the Troop transports  hiding until dusk.

See 3:37. Do we launch a pre emtive Strike as IJN against known location of the ‘first taskforce’ or hold on and await their attack?

Should IJN launch a strike now or await reinforcement and or attack by USN?


4 thoughts on “0900 Flat Top

  1. Is TF2 Shoho or Shokaku? Two very different CVs. I think it is the Shoho and all she has is Zeros. Should send up max CAP for now. That is all she can do. All the DBs and TBs are coming across the Coral Sea.

  2. Wait for confirmation. If you send a full attack now what will be available for later?

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