0800 Poll closing today, an update!


Summary and new information.

Some comments asked about forces and availability of Arty.

The Bagration (RW) which arrive in 2 turns, has 14 Light guns in it.

Russian IG has 13 L, Bagration likely faces either or both of I Corp, and French IG.

Allies know that the 4th 5th and Cav Corp are comitted to the center.

III Corp comes on this turn (0800).

So far the voting tallies are:

68% in favor of staying with current overall attack plan versus a change to a defensive mode.

68% now believe that the Russkie IG should be activated. Which could then move to plug up the center OR attack (more on that once we get going)

But what Buxhowden should do is still up for grabs 35% of voters feel he should split off some forces to assist Kollowrath in Pratzen, and 41% feel he should finish his mission and prepare for the arrival of the III Corp from the French.

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